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Why is it when you get old your mate dies, your health goes downhill? I believe in God but why does he let it happen?


Wrkin with the elderly I have see this a lot, my grandfather did this as well, my grandmoter passed siuddenly and a yearlater my very healthy 90year lod grandfather had a VERY sudden onset of alz or dementia, not sure it was fast...he wrecked his truck losing his arm and only two months later he passed, for no "real" apparent reason, but he hadbegun to feel alone and wondered why he was still fighting with no one to fight with it was hard however, having seen the oppisite with my other set of grandparents, they both passed in a car accident turning into hospital for my granddads 1st dialiois treatment, I believe God allows our health to mirror our relationships and He knows those who just can not go on without their mate and who can! We are in good hands when we are in God's...
i was just reading a study about copd longivity and single people declined at a remarkably higher rate. it was suggested that the single people just didnt have as much motivation to continue living. depression was worse in the single group.
Life on earth is a testing ground and a stop on the way for our soul's development. Try to think of it that way, and that your spouse learned a bit faster than you did!
You will see him/her again, so don't resist completing your MISSION!
It happens to us all. We have as much faith and grace as God can give us.
Don't despair:) xo
Read "God's Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan Edwards" by Sean Michael Lucas. It might help you gain some insight to your question.

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