Help for my mom with elder abuse.

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My father has always been with dementia, he's extremely abusive, can't do a thing for himself, the police have been there several times, and adult protective services give us the run around. they are actually trying to blame us..always blame the!!


If you go to the national elder abuse website, it will give you a lot of information and contacts:
thanks so much..i subscribed..and left voice mail for the governor and senator..and i will persue this...thanks again..i'm beginning to think this nightmare will never end...
((((((marylee)))))) I am from the other thread. Do let us know what happens. Have you spoken to social services in your community? Your father needs treatment for the dementia. Have you talked with his doctor, or even your doctor for ideas? more ((((((hugs))))))
i have done everything!!! spoken to everyone...last night the police were there with ems...and he was taken out..feces all over..and he was released from the hospital on friday; the man from protective service came..and all pronounced him sound of brother took my mom to his home...and now i'm going to church to pray...not for him...but that my mom..and all of us can finally have peace; and he will be placed where he belongs..full time care! where he really belongs.....the great judge and king ..sees all...hugs're an angel..
((((((Hugs))))))The protective services man is way out of line. Have you documented these episodes? The more obective you can be in presenting the picture to professionals, the better.Do you have a doctors diagnosis regarding the dementia? I am so glad that your brother took your mum to his home. It is time that this nightmare stops for her, and all for of you. Hopefully the lawyer will give good advice as to how best to get your father the help that he needs. It does sound like he needs to be placed in full time care. Social workers at a hospital may be able to do an evaluation. You could look into that for the future. Sounds like you need go over the head of that man from APS with some documentation about the decisions he is making. As I said, there is a solution. Praying for peace and right decisions. Keep posting! (((((((hugs)))))) Joan

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