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Never put your parents in a nursing home they will take the house and all that he owns.You take control keep your parents home you take care of them that way every thing goes to you and your family are you also by you quiteing your job the goverment will pay you to take care of your mother are father even both of them check with their doctor they will help you will get paid.


Why are you shouting??

Dinah, your post is factually inaccurate.
Nursing homes don't take the house. Medicaid does not take the house until they both die. No the government won't pay you a full time wage. BUT you would work yourself to death caring for them.
This isn't a real caregiver...
Hmm, I've been keeping my parents at home for many years. When my mother dies, everything will be divided four ways, even though no one else even calls or visits. I live off money I make and set aside for my retirement when I was working. There is no money to pay family caregivers in most instances. The OP has no clue about what they're writing.
A&A, and Jessie, I think you're spotted what I missed....another attempt to lead us down a path that will twist and turn on and on....
GA, ever get the feeling some people have a bit to imbibe before posting? At least the mods took off the all-caps.
Jessie, I hadn't thought of that as the issue here but it makes sense, as does an angry and frustrated mood. It's too bad though that people post such inaccurate information or selfish thoughts (i.e., "you take care of them that way every thing goes to you and your family "). Maybe that's the gist of the post in the first place. A lot of posts are powered by greed.

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