My mother needs someone with her and my life is put on hold taking care of her.

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I was driving a truck 13 hours a day . I live with my mother, Im single no kids . She suffers severe depression,, fibromyalgia , degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, in her feet , spinal stenosis and other ailments . I had to quit my job to help be with her , she can be alone for times but its not good . She hasgood insurance , and medicare. I really cant hold downa stady job no more cause of her . Is there any way of being paid to be a caregiver for her . Its very stressful my life is on hold really with no income . Thanks for any feed back Richard


you'll need to talk to her doctor about getting a home health care cna to stay with her . thats how u get the help u need ..
Yes, her Physician can write an order for someone to come in for nursing care a few times a week, if she is truly in need. I think she has to be considered "home bound" to qualify. If so, she could also have physical therapy come in, if needed, Occupational Therapy, and perhaps a Social Worker.
my mother is unable to take care of herself, and only wants me to take care of her,is there any way i can be paid for careing for her regardless of her financial statis

If I remember correctly, an Aging Care editor (Marlo?) recently posted an article on ways to get paid for caregiving. According to her, there's no cookie-cutter formula or answer because the guidelines/rules vary from state to state. Besides, I don't believe the money receive will be as much as you were used to make F-T.

Secret Sister, Hardebeck, and I suggest you talk to her doctor/physician and have someone come in M-T. That way you'll get to have a life, go back to work, and spend time with her on weekends. You're not superhuman, so don't take on all the caregiving if you have siblings or other relatives that can help you with it.

Asking for help won't make you less of a man. We want to show the world we're strong and confident; as if we're beyond tears and nothing can break us down. But we hurt just like everyone else, and at some point we'll need a source of strength other than our own. ... Shedding a few tears every now and then is quite cleansing, and makes your judgement clearer soon afterwards.

-- ED

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