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I just thought it would be fun to list our favorite episodes of the "Twilight Zone" . I know this may sound stupid but I thought it would be something fun to do and get our minds on something else for a while, just a little mental relief. Just list your favorite episode and why.


The one I always watch out is "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" for is the one where it takes place on a quiet neighborhood street, there is a flash of light and a loud roar.... the power goes out.... then the neighbors come out.... someone tried to start their car and it won't start... then the rumors start about aliens from outer space.... then the finger pointing begins, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

It's a good script as it deals with how easy it was to create paranoia and panic when people don't have all the facts or are relying on misinformation.
Great Idea!!!!!!!! One of my favs was "Time Enough At Last" where he wanted time alone to read his books and his glasses broke and he ended up being alone. ( Ok, I didn't state exactly how it went but, close enough I guess)

Me1000, I saw that one on TV just the other night. I think it was the same one. Didn't he work in a bank and he never could find time to read any of his beloved books?.... but during a break he sat in the bank vault to read when there is a huge explosion.... he survived because he was in the vault but everyone else in the city has died. He find the public library and all those books. But his glasses fall off and he accidentally steps on them, he can't read without his glasses.
YES!!!!! OMG I lOVE that one, thats my top one :) What a way to live huh? You explained it perfect. I like the episode you mentioned as well. Theres a few others but I cant remember if its Twilight Zone. Ill have the "oh ya moment when other or you all mention some more"

texarkana- you never listed yours?
I liked the one William shatner was in when he was the only one that saw the monster on the plane wing during a storm and it was tearing up the wing, I am really afraid to fly. At the end they take him off the plane just a raving lunatic, and there are some mechanics looking at the wing that has teeth and talon marks on it .
Another favorite of mine is when a plane lands at an airport but there is no crew or passengers on board. A group of professionals try to figure out what happened but each sees something different.... one sees the seats inside the plane as blue... another sees the seats as red.... they can't agree on the registration number on the tail of the plane. Turns out that plane had disappeared 20 years ago and was never found.
texarkana, I only saw a couple minutes of that one, but I liked it too!

freqflyer, ooo sounds interesting, Im going to have to look that one up :)
i dont think i ever watched a full episode of that show . it reminds me of how bad tv useta suck tho . i usedta wish captain kangaroo and mr green jeans would die already and play a cartoon . i wanted to pull mr rodgers lungs out right thru the screen and reinstall them up his azz . stressamie street ? i musta never been a kid cause i found no humor in any of them .
the beverly hillbillies ? only the simpsons writers even come close to such good writing to this day , imo ..
picture granny going thru customs with her jug . the inspector asked her what might this be ? she told him it might be buttermilk but she wouldnt recommend lighting a match to find out .
yea , thats the stuff ..
I've been watching The Dick Van Dyke show with my Mom now that's funny!
Hi. I'm new on this forum and this is my first time commenting. I love this topic as I've been dealing with insurance companies and AL issues with mom all day ANC could use a break! My face episode is the one with the talking Tina doll. She's basically the Chucky dolls evil grandmother and goes on a killing spree. Twisted. Love it :)

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