She gave her money to a con man!

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Just a little history on my situation - My mother in law who is 82years old is in LOVE with a 52 year old man who lives out of state, who has taken her for over $500.000!! She has pushed all of her family away and will not speak to anyone just because they tried to be honest and tell her the truth. I guess I can say at this point I'm the only one who is there, and she is very mean and hateful to me. I'm trying to help. She fell twice in two days and is in the hospital now, and they tell me they recommend assist living for her. It only gets better from here, her medicare expired back in October of 2016. I don't know why and neither does she, she thinks it's 1955! lol! She will not sign a medical poa to me so I can help! No place will take her, and I don't want to sound mean, but I'm not a caregiver, I work full time. She would not live with us anyway! I don't think she can qualify for medicaid due to she had money and now its gone!! This is just a mess!! I don't know what to do at this point. I don't think her senior living place will allow her back and I don't want her to be homeless!! I honestly thought about calling this guy and telling him to fork up the cash or come and get her! Sad.... lost....
Can you call the police and get this guy? Maybe get some of the money back.
joycefrancis, do you have financial Power of Attorney for your Mom? if yes, time to take away the checkbook and other financial items that your Mom can get into to send payments to this "cat fish". Now, if he wants money, he would have to go through you.

Strange that your Mom's Medicare had "expired". Does your Mom get her "Social Security" checks deposited in her bank? Usually Medicare and Social Security are tied together as Medicare takes some money out of Social Security to help pay for funding. If both had stopped, something is totally out of wack. You will need to put on your detective hat.

Check with your State Medicaid office, explain the situation. Maybe Medicaid will make an exception because of the "cat fish" person who took your Mom's money. It's worth a try.
I don;t think Joyce has any POA from her post,, and it is probably too late to get one.. time for a Dr visit and on to the next phase.
My mother gave my brother $300,000 and he is demanding the deed to her townhouse. She is competent. I want to protect her remaining assets. Will DPOA status help? She will grant it. Thanks.

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