Gardening as therapy.


It's become clear to me through posts and PMs that there are some gardeners here just waiting for the chance to discuss gardening!

So, I was thinking... how do you use gardening, or how does it affect you if you need a break, need some respite, need to relax, need do you use it as a therapy tool in caregiving?

What are your activities: Do you go out and pull weeds, read a magazine, design new beds? Look through garden catalogues? Go to garden stores?
And what interests have you added to your gardening? Visit estate or garden displays? Do you go to garden shows?

Does anyone design and plant Knot Gardens? Raised bed planters? Assistive gardens? Pollinator gardens (and have you thought of ways to help the bees and butterflies?)

Are your gardens primarily for pleasure or food, or a mix of both? Do you grow plants for medicinal purposes? Which ones, how do you harvest and process them? Any suggestions?

Do you grow plants that can be used in crafts, such as grapevines for wreaths and lavender for lavender wands? Do you make herbal products such as creams, lotions, chapstick?

What else can you share about gardening and the means in which it nurtures your soul?

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CM - Yes, I have to think of her as a garden predator. I've tried written Instructions for other things and they all have been shreded and tossed, so I don't expect it will be different with the fruits. She can no longer put 2 thoughts together and come to a conclusion.

UsedupDIL - 53" of snow? Wow. I can't imagine that much snow. Perhaps it will be a good time for you to travel to a warmer place for the winter.

I’m finding that keeping up my yard is difficult since my husband passed. I did find a good yard service for the mowing, trimming. I didn’t get motivated to do much the past summer. Maybe next year. Just not looking forward to the winter. Last year we had a record breaking snow storm at Christmas - 53”.

Oo, Polar.

I used to have hazelnut trees and various currant bushes and gooseberry bushes. The squirrels always beat me to the nuts. I don't know who got the currants but there'd be, like, two left hiding under a leaf. And I told myself that my chickens obviously liked gooseberries a lot more than I did so I would just make it my gift to them.

Can you look on your mother as a garden predator? How much crop can she not reach?

Or... Could you give her a chart of 'fruits in season' - showing pictures of lovely ripe fruit at its best - to take with her and monitor how "her" crop is coming along? Maybe if you can get her to be chanting 'another three days, another week' it'll nudge her back into waiting for it to be really ready.

Or stand a lot of pots and garden furniture in the way.😈

Perhaps this gripe should go in the gripe/whine thread, but since it has to do with gardening, so here it goes...

I have a lot of fruits in my garden right now that I should be able to enjoy: dragon fruits, jujubes, papayas, yellow lemons, BUT I COULD NOT.

My Alz. mother is determined to pick as many fruits as she can within her reach as soon as SHE thinks they are ready for picking.

The dragon fruits have been picked before they were ready, so now they are pretty much tasteless, no sweetness at all. And those fruits are not easy to grow and are expensive at the market.

Same goes for the jujubes, they taste like styrofoam according to my daughter.

And the papayas were picked green and hard. The yellow lemons also got picked when still green and had no juice or bitter juice.

I keep telling her not to pick'em but that is a waste of my breath because she forgets it 5 seconds later. Grrrrr.........

MM- yes papaya plants can grow in containers, most likely will have flowers, but probably won't become fruits, unless the containers are BIG to accomodate the deep roots. I have over a dozen papaya plants in the ground, Mexican and Hawaiian varieties. Most of them have both male and female floweres, but a few only have male flowers.

The plants are vere pretty, like palm tree, but with delicious fruits. If you live in a cold area where temps dip below 40 or so, the plants might die or won't grow well.

You can grow papapa plants from seeds. Just buy a good size papaya from the store, save the seeds to grow new plants.

I would like some papaya trees, not that I'm crazy about papaya but think they are cute - wonder if they'll grow in a container?

We have been blessed to obtain some banana trees. Technically banana trees are not trees at all but plants. But, we were given 4 of them. Planted them in the greenhouse for winter, the biggest one has some baby bananas growing on it, looking forward to harvesting them when time comes.
Anyway am just going bananas over the banana trees and wanted to share :)

Is weeding therapy too? Went to my new house today to pull some goatheads. Sure don't want that mess in the spring. Nasty weeds! Probably pulled thirty or so of them, Each plant can extend vines up to six feet. In that six feet, each vine can have probably 10 or more of the dang seed pods. Each pod has four sections in each section, 4-5 seeds that will grow a whole new goathead plant. So, feeling somewhat accomplished, though there are many more to pull before the pod browns, then disperses it contents. UGH!

I have six gorgeous huge red california wonder peppers in my fridge, a variety that has never let me down, the other kind I bought (can't remember what they were, red shephard maybe?) haven't produced anything. I also picked a small basket of assorted tomatoes today: grapes, romas and a yellow variety that I started from saved seed. The big surprise is my scarlet runner beans are starting to produce, I planted them way back in June and they had all but died until heavy rains a few weeks ago revived them, yeah!

I just came in from working on my parents yard! YAYE!

I love to weed, feed, trim, rake - anything to touch nature to help ground me while making my final resting place (the ground)! LOL - more beautiful!

I always say - I worship the ground that awaits me! LOL

What makes me really frustrated is areas around rock gardens - as a kid - if there were leaves or sticks in the recesses of our gardens, I felt sorry for that part of the yard. The flowers got all the glory and fanfare - what about making sure even recesses had attention and detail as well? Such a weird thing I have always had - always haunted me.

I like dividing up hostas and replanting them...the plant itself is hard to dig up to divide.

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