I am concerned about future care for my 42 year old son who has severe physical disabilities.

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I am concerned about future care for my 42 year old son who has severe physical disabilities and relies on power wheelchairs for mobility. He is also a college graduate, very creative, and drives his own van. After conducting a recent search for personal care for my mother in law who has dementia, I was disappointed to learn that even assisted living facilities said they would not accept my son because he must use a power chair. Some places said they might even consider him as a younger than normal resident until they heard he must use a power wheelchair. Our local county CCSP department has not been much help - I would have thought this issue must have come up before. Is a nursing home his only alternative?


If I were you I'd check into Adult Foster Care. That's literally someone's home that has room for a few residents. We've had really good luck here in Oregon for my father-in-law who we needed to move out of the hospital, but we didn't want to put him in a nursing home. Also, you might check more than just a few asst. living places. I'm pretty sure I've seen electric chairs in my mother-in-law's facility. Not sure they're all created equal to be honest.
He is perfectly capable of managing his own affairs. Do not interfere with his decisions. ALF's accept power chairs and even pets.

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