The things our loved ones do sometimes...OOPS!

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Coping with dementia is a long hard road, and the disease itself is certainly nothing to laugh at. But sometimes our loved ones will do something even they have to laugh about (or probably would if they had any idea they'd done it)...

My MIL (wheelchair dependent, dementia) recently spent some time in a rehab facility following a minor fall. One night, after making several unsuccessful attempts to reach her daughter on the hospital phone (she has a hard time pressing the buttons right) she looked up to see a nurse - who did NOT look pleased - and two police officers enter her room. They stopped at the foot of her bed and asked if she was ok. Baffled, she assured them she was fine.....why? Turns out in her numerous attempts to call her daughter she had somehow managed to dial the police, which naturally obligated them to conduct a wellness check. She related this story to us the next day, adding with a wry smile, "I've got a feeling I won't be here much longer." (She was transferred to a step down facility three days later)


my mom finally agreed to see a phsyciatrist. on our last visit to the doc he brought the subject up to us. i told him she just as quickly decided that phsyc could cram it. got a smile out of doc anyway..
yaya~It sounds like your mil is getting better, that is great news!!
Haha Yaya - hey , that rhymes! Were you on here when my Mom decided to plan a "surprise party" for my Dad? OMGOSH! First, he declared he did not want a party!!!! Second, seriously? --- My sister , bless her, figured out she had been making phone calls to all the grocery stores trying to order food and give out her credit card--the goodness she was not successful. And the emails she sent!!! --here is one, I copied and pasted ---
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That is it.

Poor Mom. She is such a control nut. And knows just enough still to get into trouble!

Haha Mishka...hey that rhymes too!! ;-D Well I'm afraid I can't get an ostrich out if that one...or a lion or a tiger or a bear either! That's so sweet though - she wanted to throw him a great party and none of those darn stores would help her! Does she still have her credit card or did that somehow get "lost"? It's VERY lucky she didn't, that could have had some disastrous consequences. Several years ago MIL ordered a bunch of stuff from Figi's and Swiss Colony over the phone...she'd been such a "good customer" in the past they just extended her the tune of $500+!! It took four months to pay it off in installments. First chance we got we found the catalogues she'd squirreled away and made them disappear.
Sharynmarie - she is doing better....actually seems to be settling in and accepting she might have to stay for a little while longer. They do have a pretty good PT staff at the place she's in now and they're working more at her pace. I went to visit her this afternoon and found her chillin' in her bed watching the Game Show Network on TV. Gonna bring her some ice cream tomorrow!

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