Funny story - staff won't drink dad's sodas again.

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh. I had been suspecting that some of my Dad's snacks were getting stolen, but I couldn't pinpoint it for sure, so I let it go.

Ironically, due to Dad's low weight, his doc said it was OK for me to let him have sodas from time to time. Since Dad has issues with constipation, I make it a point to put 2 tsp of Benefiber in the small 8-ounce Coca-colas I buy him (also per doctor's suggestion). It beats trying to get the AL staff to do it (I've learned that anything extra is like pulling teeth).

Anywho... Dad happily informed me that he had been giving one of the staff members a soda from time to time. I smiled to myself and secretly hoped that the Benefiber does it's job. That's what little staff member gets for taking food from Dad HAHAHA!!!

So, yes it's a bit mean to wish loose bowels on someone, but my goodness! I'm sure there's a rule against staff members taking food from patients, and Dad's other treats get missing as well. I am certain that he did not finish a dozen of donuts and a large bag of Doritos alone in three days.

So... should I say something? These snacks DO cost money...


It sounds as if he is happy to share, it's not as if the caregivers are sneaking off with your dad's treats. If you would rather he wouldn't hand out his extras then take it up with the management or speak to the staff individually if you know who the regulars are.
I'm curious that no one has noticed that the bottles have been tampered with, but a little extra fiber isn't likely to hurt anyone ;)
Tinyblu, I had to smile at that one :)
Someone might start buying that brand of soda because it seems to help with regularity!
HAHAHA! Kimber166 that's awesome!

As for "reporting", I'm not going to cry over spilled soda unless it gets out of hand.

...not opposed to making some "special brownies" if snacks disappear too much...
Staff will probably think that he peed in it. Or worse. ROFL

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