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Okay so my roller coaster has been a wild ride with mom- but as all things do with the parents we love and care for- I am back to enjoyable times. Though I would share a funny moment and would love a smile from one of yours- mom called me this morning early, in a panic- "I need you to come and change my sheets and wash them because I coughed in the middle of the night and spit my false teeth out- I can't find them anywhere!" Okay, mom, why do your sheets need washed? "Oh, sorry, when I coughed I also wet myself- and don't forget to go by the store and buy me some denture cream!"


ROFL! That's funny.
Thanks Jessie- was hoping to lift some spirits in this "room".
This morning a hospice nurse was visiting my mother. She leaned over very close, with her chest nearly in my mother's face, and said, "Your hair really looks lovely today." Mom turned her head to look at the nurse and said, "Your titties are nice too!" The nurse claimed that was the nicest thing anyone had told her all day, and she was going to be sure to tell her husband.
LOL....that is funny....bless em, they can come out with some hysterical zingers can't they!!!
Just before my Mama became bedfast, she pretty much lived in her lift chair, which faced the back deck, where there is a large window. During the course of my household chores, I always swept the deck, porches, etc. one day she kept saying something about the little old man on the back deck and I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. I just went along with it. She just kept talking about how he looked so worn out, she said he looks like he can just barely go. The next morning sweeping the deck, I passed by her window and then it dawned on me that little old man was me.... :)
Lol that so funny, I used to take care of my grandmother when my mom was busy, my grandmother loves to talk to the people on the TV, sometimes when I’m making her food in the kitchen, I hear her calling the people on TV to come sit with her and talk, and she asks me to give them cookies and such, and the funny thing is when she gets mad when they don’t answer her back. I love my grandmother.
The TV thing Mama will sometimes see someone on there and make the funniest comments about them. One time I had the channel on the 700 Club and Pat Robertson was on there talking about something and Mama said...."Look at that old man there, he is staring at me...and he thinks he has all the answers.." haha....she tickles me to death sometimes...
Lol Hope22, I know right xD
Now my new hobby is to watch TV with my grandmother! I'm glad we can still laugh about it even though sometimes it can be frustrating.
Some funny stuff here! My MIL was watching a shampoo commercial on TV that featured several girls with long lustrous hair tumbling down across their chests. Apparently that was about all she was really able to see. She commented that it wasn't fair that the sponsor only hired girls with long hair. "They should put some girls with short hair on there too" There was a brief pause. Then she added "........of course I guess they'd have to wear *pasties*" ;) Hubs shot me a sideways look and asked "can I watch what she's watching?"
Roar. Now that was funny, yaya.

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