I guess you can call it Elderly Assistance, but I no lonager have to wash down the bathroom walls.

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I no longer have to wash down the bathroom walls. Mom does it for me by forgetting to draw close the shower curtain before she bathes. Lucky Me!!!!


Dear Shar, that is a cute post. I'll bet you have other great experiences with Mom as well. Thanks for sharing. How are you doing?
I'm glad you enjoyed my little story. What I failed to mention is that she did this 3 days in a row. I know for a fact that she has the cleanest bath walls in the planet.

As for me...........Well, I try my best and I look at my favorite quote osted at my desk.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift: that's why they call it the present." Eleanor Roosevelt

Can't wait to see what surprises are in store for me today. There are days I could just pull my hair out. After which I take a long deep breaths and count to 10 just to bring me back. Once I become relaxed I reflect on what it was that made me so upset and most times find myself laughing out loud because whatever she had done was pretty stupid.

Like when she called me via intercom to come and help her little dog, Reynalda (a Chihuahua). I told her I'd be there in a minute or two and then she hung up. This usally means to give her water, food or let her out. So, I took my last gulp or two of coffe and headed over to her house, just 50 yards away. When I arrived I was in a panic, She had leashed her dog and got the leash all wound up between the axleand tire of her mobil chair. Poor little dog was gasping for air and her little eyes were bulging out. I quickly grabbed a kitchen knife and cut the poor little thing loose. And MOM was all the while yelling at her for being too close to her chair. Give me a break!!! She refuses to let the little thing be a dog. It must always be on a leash and must stay on the patio.

We have 2 acres completely fenced and Reynalda loves to play with our herd of little Min-Pins. I finally had to put my foot down and lay the law down on how Reynaldas life was going to be from now on. NO MORE LEASHING or the dog had to go. I think it would kill MOM if she had accidentally killed her little companion. I know that little dog is responsible for MOM's hanging on to some sort of existance.

BTW, Reynalda even without a leash to tangle herself up in, still continues to run in and out from under her mobil chair. I can't win!!

Dear Shar, I think your wonderful sense of humor will see you through many interesting situations in the days ahead. The present can be precious at times, can't it? But don't pull your hair out
Dumb system! Try #2:

Shar, don't pull your hair out; it will probably fall out soon enough...lol! Mine is graying rapidly. Hope you have some wonderful surprises today, and I'll pray you have blessings as well. What's a Min-Pin? Thanks for lightening our spirits already this morning with your beautiful spirit. Would love to hear more from you...
Min-Pin = Miniture Pinscher

We have 3 of them. Yogi is my eldest, then there's Piggy (because of his tail) I couldn't bear to have his little tail docked), and finally there's Spike ( I call him Burro beacuse of his huge ears).

I have severe PTSD (which have resulted in seizures and they think Bi-polar too.And from life experience I know how important an animal (companion) can be. Had it not been for my Yogi (5 yrs ago) I would have done myself in. But he was just a pup when I was left abandoned in the middle of a forest and I HAD to TAKE CARE OF HIM. When all the while unbennounced to me he was keeping me going.

That's how I know how important MOM's little dog is to her. Thank God for creating little creatures with hearts larger then their bodies.


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