What other fun activities can I do at my assisted living job?

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Please give me any ideas I am 33 yrs old loved and did great with the well being and love in my own grandparents life I work in a facility for assisted living and just want the best for each person there what fun activities would your family like?


Older people love to socialize with each other. If you give them the opportunity, it is what they will do. Older men like having morning coffee with each other. Both genders enjoy games of different types -- Bingo, joker poker, ponytail canasta, poker, and whatever they like. Some people like singing and playing instruments; others like swimming and exercise equipment. And you can't go wrong with bringing a band in, having ice cream & cookies, and having a dance. Some of the Wii games are also liked.

Hmm, it sounds pretty much the same as young people. :)
My mother's NH has "happy hour" once a month, where they serve beer and wine and snacks. That seems to be pretty popular.

My aunt played the spoons in the kitchen band in her NH.

Bringing in entertainers is popular. An accordion player is a hit where my mother is -- and one gentleman always dances with a volunteer. In an assisted living place I would expect more residents to be able to dance.

For bingo and other events, volunteers go around serving coffee, tea, lemonade, etc.

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