Free alzheimers seminar.

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i get a little break this coming tuesday and decided to go to a free alz seminar in a nearby town. i told the nurse about it and she started trying to tell me the differences between vascular dementia and alz. i listened both attentively and respectfully then told her it didnt matter to me, i was just going to check out the
*() ()* .. and its free !!


Awesome!!! They probably will have some sweets and coffee too food and boobies a 2fer!!

With my recent experiences I had to question what is the benefit of knowing except for that merely the benefit of knowing-it aint gonna change it!!!
Good luck with your mamma!! glad she calming down for you !!!
Were you attentively listening while staring at *() ()* ?? hahaha!!
this really is serious business. comforting a terminally ill dementia patient isnt something your born knowing. im worn out with the skeptical smirks from the hospice nurses and i aim to bring em down to size.. what them b*****s dont know would fill the smithsonian..
It is serious and fascinating...I went to a 12 wk bipolar support program, it was very cool learning so much! Sorry your nurse is bad...our home health was good, but ma's social worker I just wanna smack some sense into that woman on a regular basis, n condescending, omg...she don't know crap and acts like that...I teach her about stuff all the time!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
its the condescending crap that i have a hard time with. im older than these people and by no means stupid.. nurse told me tonight that bed bugs do not have sex or even individual sexualities, they all reproduce. the fact is the male bugs have a hypodermic style wang, they slip between the females exoskeletal plates, actually puncture her flesh and inseminate her. if she lives thru the wound infection she reproduces. anyway this isnt about bugs, its about half baked idiots in positions of authority blowing out stuff they know nothing about.

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