Forced conservatorship.

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crooked lawyers, judges, agencies , essentially kidnapping elders and plundering their assets.


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someone, unidentified , recently sent a form from the court to our doc to determine my mothers mental status. fortunately i think doc is satisfied with moms mental state and isnt playing into it. in fact he told me that him and i are on the same page to help relieve our concerns. i think we have a rare good doc. scary as hell at any rate..
Who would send such a thing? Someone looking for an in? Doesn't that break privacy laws?

Very creepy.
@ eyerish. the forms might be sent routinely by aps to alleviate themselves of any liability . as long as the senior is declared competant aps is not responsible , simply put, the senior is.. aps would have more obligation to protect the incompetant imo.. im not very concerned. ours is a tranquil home, im a damn good cook and loving carer. aps can hug my sack. however this type of fraud is widespread across the usa and the more people are aware of it the better i feel..
Please get Durable Power of Attorney for your mother ASAP! It should help establish YOU as the preferred conservator when and if your mother does need help (face it, sometime between now & 100 all of us are likely to). Is this likely to have been started by an APS worker or neighbor? I think this should also be reported to the courts as potential fraud & abuse. The courts have to know where it came from, even though it was anonymous by the time it got to your doc.
Also be aware that there MAY be things going on in your Mom's life that you don't know about (near fires, wandering lost, etc.) that may be legitimate concerns, & a pre-emptive strike on your part might avoid the catastrophe of conservatorship (from experience, it IS as a bad as you've heard...or worse)
Don't depend on the fact that you are a good person providing excellent care to protect your mother from "the system". Also, don't let APS know that your mother has any assets -- let them think she is broke and that everything is already in your name - I don't think they have access to any of her financial info unless you tell them, though they can probably look up title on the house (BTW, if you are the sole heir you might want to talk to a lawyer about actually getting everything in your name - less assets make Mom less of a target).
Keep good records of the finances, so that if she DOES need a conservator it can be you. In theory, as long as you aren't a felon the court is supposed to favor family as conservators. Having good record-keeping already in place should make it easier to choose you, less defensible (to a higher court, if challenged) to put a "stranger" in charge if you are dealing with a potentially crooked system.
FYI: the person who reports elder abuse is protected (even if they are lying). And a POA doesn't protect you from them. My brother is being vengeful and has called Adult Protective Services several times. He has never helped with our Mom in any way, but now I am being investigated for financial and emotional Elder Abuse.
They can hug my sack too.
my mom is getting pretty out of it. if anyone takes her out of here theylle be back in 2 hours and ill make em pay me to take her back. shes really, really nuts. cant stress that enough..

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