Flushing the freaking toilet!

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Sometimes Mom forgets to flush the toilet for whatever reason and sure enough my husband is right there to see it. How do I tell her nicely to please flush it!!!!


i think you have high expections at this point. when the parent reverts back to an infant stage then youll get a taste of genuine revulsion.
Hi frustrated3 - first I have to say I love the title of your discussion topic...LOL!
Are you referring to your mother leaving "no.2" unflushed? Maybe she needs a visual reminder. Is there any place to stick up a "remember to flush!!" sign where mom will see it every time?
Aaaaand....there's my first good laugh of the night! Thanks cap'n!
No infant stage at this point, just simple reminders, but I can see this will deteriorate so thanks for the comments. I am ready for what happens next.
I wonder how much one of those automatic flushing toilets would cost? But then again, my mom got up from one of those and accidentally dropped her eye glasses in the toilet. Before she could think about fishing them out, whoosh they were gone. ha
They sell toilet cleaners you can put in the back of the toilet tank which turns the water blue. It is a rather deep blue, but turns paler over time with use, and I think they last several months. I think it works as a cleaner also. This would at least make the water darker, which could help.

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