Find my hearing aid app.

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I lose things. I have a "find a phone app for my smart phone. My computer tells me the general location and the cell phone emits a loud sound allowing me to locate my misplaced phone and save $600.

I would pay a tech savy com[any up to $500 for a similar application so I do not lose my $6,000 hearing aid again.


Oh wow..good idea! My mom just got hearing aids and they are very expensive. I suppose the hearing aid would have to have gps implanted.
I keep the case for my hearing aids on my dressing table (it could be anywhere you want it to be). It is where I put them on and take them off each and every time I wear them. Just a simple habit you get into and it works. Can't imagine taking them off and just leaving them anywhere. Good luck!
There is now a "made for iPhone" hearing aid that has this app. Audibel A3i

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