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Just reporting in. I'll keep this short. Since March, when my mother passed on, I've really been missing her. But feeling better every day, too. But this area where I live has been a painful reminder of her. Where ever I go, it's been a constant reminder. But today is different. This is the first day I've had that I didn't feel that painful reminder as I drove around, did my errands etc. So I'll see how tomorrow goes. But today was nice because there was no pain for me.


WOOHOO for you! Do you think you had some kind of mental shift? Whatever happened, I'm happy for you. I wish you many more happy and peaceful days.
Dear Bloom,

Glad to hear it was a good day. And for giving us the rest hope that there are better days ahead. I think we all need that encouragement.
Bloom, celebrating your happiness!
Thanks all! Today I didn't feel the pain of seeing the places my mom visited lived at etc driving around doing errands. But I did miss her a lot today. I think I did have a mental shift today. I don't know how the shifts happen, maybe subconscious my. But I had a clear feeling that living here in this area is over with. I don't belong here anymore. I had a very clear and definite sense of that. So that's the report for today. Thanks everyone.
Dear Bloom,

Thank you for letting us know. Glad you're reached this feeling and are experiencing a shift mentally about moving on. This gives me a lot of hope. I'm not there yet myself. I still avoid a lot of places that I went to on behalf of my dad. I'm still debating on whether to move or stay, but still willing to give it more time.
Cdnreader, I am glad you are having some hope. When I think of the loss of my mother, it's still difficult to understand the finality of it. Yet, and some might think me nuts, but I feel I've gotten lots of signs when I asked for them that my mother is alive and well in the next life, whatever that might be. So that has contributed to healing. I now see the wisdom of waiting at least a year for any major life changes, because I see that my emotions and feelings change daily. I look forward to next year already in the hopes I can see very clearly what I want to do. I hope and pray we all feel better and heal quickly.
Grief takes time. The more throughly you deal with it early on the more throughly you will heal. Sometimes it is better to live with the memories and mourn deeply before moving on because if you don't, the sadness will go with you wherever you go. Not that you will never be upset again in the new location, but that total immersion in the pain will be over. I have been there. It does get better with time and new memories.

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