Finally got Dad to foot doctor!

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OMG! He's been needing this for years. Dad has dementia and to him everything is just fine. The 40 year old sofa, carpet that needs cleaned and his horror movie toenails. Mom and I have learned to not ask or discuss anything with him in advance. He will not agree to anything and even if he did he would forget in 2 minutes. So we just schedule the appointment, write it down on the big wall calender and proceed.nwevtell him, Oh yeah, you scheduled that last week. Get your coat. Let's go. And he usually does. So mom got him to a podiatrist who cut his nasty nails and scheduled a follow up appointment. Not a big deal for most people but huge for dear ole dad. Maybe silly to post about it here but it reminds me of the old joke: A guy goes to confession, tells the priest, Father I have sinned. I made love to eight different women this week! The priest says, oh my goodness! Tell me my son, are you married? No father, I'm not even catholic, but I just had to tell someone! Sorry for the bad joke and this post but I had to tell somebody!


This IS big, Windyridge. Those of us who know old feet and the dread they feel of a podiatrist know how big it is. Word of warning -- don't mention the follow-ups to your father, because if you do, he'll want to cancel. Been there and it is a mistake I made.

Aren't podiatrists wonderful?
Windyridge, LOL on the joke, that was funny :)

Yep, my Dad also has those horror movie toenails. At least the 50 year old sofa had been replaced couple years ago but the carpet needs a major cleaning especially the carpet around the kitchen table.... my gosh, it looks like one could get another meal off that rug :P
Jessie, lord no we ain't sayin a word about the follow up app. Freq, if we can't get the carpet cleaned soon I'm gonna put in a good cash crop. Think mom and dad would notice a little hemp?
On that subject, I can do a lot for my mother....but I just can't do toenails! I'm told I can take her to any nail salon and simply get her a pedicure. I'm almost embarrassed by the way her nails look, though! Does anyone use a manicurist in place of a podiatrist??
The way that some of our elders' feet look, I would stick to a podiatrist. If a parent is diabetic, Medicare will cover the care of feet. Maybe there are other conditions that are covered, too. Unless a pedicurist was used to working with aged toes, I wouldn't want to subject her or my mother to the procedure.
Thanks, JessieBelle. She's not diabetic, but she can afford a podiatrist and wants her toes tended to. Probably go that route, then. Thanks for the added info and quick reply!

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