Feeling worthless today.

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So most of you no ive been taking care of FIL off and on for 3 yrs. the last 6mon. have been alot more I do everything for him now. you guys are the only ones i talk to other then family. this girl (and i do mean girl) looked at me and said I had no experience.


What an insult
What she probably meant was "training".
Respect is a cornerstone of nursing.
This girl still has a lot to learn, that is if she is capable.
Your FIL is alive and well thanks to our devotion. You simply learnt the hard way, on the job.
For most of us - caregiving is a learning experience. Most of us had no idea what we were getting into or how to do it - but we learned and continue to learn. Love, empathy, and a good heart are what's needed - along with good health (which will decline) and a strong back (which won't stay strong). No when to say WHEN. Be assured of your worth!!! They don't call caregiving a thankless job for nothing ;0)

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