Feeling of guilt.

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Mom passed last fall and I dream of her all the time and feel guilty. She had end stage alzheimers and just gave up. It hurts that I feel like I didn't do everything I could! I feel bad because I was mean at times to her and I didn't see her at the nursing home because it was so hard to see her like that. Did I do enough? Is she mad at me? How do I get rid of these feelings. I didn't want her to live like she was and neither did she but I don't feel peace anymore like I did when she first passed.


What do you dream? Do you feel or hear a message of some sort? You may have PTSD, when memories are suppressed for a while, but they barge through when you least expect it. My mother died when I was ten, and I blanked it out for 15 years, until the memories returned. It was not pleasant, but I managed to work through it when I understood what was happening.
I dream of her being alive with my dad and other family members. once or twice I dreamt about her passing away but mostly she's alive and younger
You are receiving positive messages. She is alive and younger, and so are you? Focus on the positive and open your mind to the belief that somewhere, she IS younger and free as a bird in flight.

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