Feeling guilty and like I am a bad person!

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I get angry and impatient sometimes and bossy. I love my Mom but she nags and rambles on and on, the religion talk never ends, she will ask me or put her plate off to the side reminding me after done eating and I say just one sec Mom I will come get your plate then she will call her husband or start to get up and make me feel like I am not doing my job she is bossy but so am I lol. I feel seriously guilty later because I get impatient I feel like a no good piece of u know what! What good am I if I sometimes lose patience and raise my voice with frustration because my Mom doesn't hear sometimes I even ignore her when she says what did you say. I say to myself I am not repeating it again These are the times when I could run away!!


OW, we all lose it at times, we have to or we would go wacko! Though I am bery careful how I do it, because my mood and demeanor effect Mom profoundly. If I get upset with her she gets these very sad eyes that makes me feel guilty. But I do not yell at her and I don't think she understands why I am frustreaded, she probably thinks it is just a bad mood.

My biggest gripe right nowmis this freaking standard time. Sine we set back our clocks Mom is up an hour earlier than she had been and that isn't even coumting the hour gained. Mom had been sleeping about 14 or 15 hours each night. Now she is just about 12 hours. All I want is my cup or tea and Suduku puzzle from the paper before I see her. But, know that is not going to happen for quite awhle.
You're not a bad person because you get impatient. You're human and it's OK to feel frustrated.

Is there a way you can get some time away even if it's just for a little while? Maybe just for a few hours?
Thanks everyone!
Road trip !!! We are all packing our bags, and will be picking up Overwhelm along the way. No whining in the car for the first 100 miles. Ok, who is going to drive, I can't drive any further than 5 miles for my panic attacks show up sitting along side me. No squabbling over the window seats.

Where shall we go? Buffalo? I hear it's a winter wonderland.
We should rent a van and actually and all chip in and have a road trip whose in? I am!
I'll drive! I'll drive!! And I'll bring the snacks. :-)
I'm so in!! Just lost dad Oct 15, and I feel so lost. Need a getaway
Sorry about your Dad passing away grieving2
Well seriously we could all set it up?
Thank you

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