Anybody Around? Feeling depressed.

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No one seems to be on the boards where I usually go. Is everyone outside or on vacation? Barbara


It has been quiet here the last few days hasn't it. I think you have a tendency to be a little anal about the things you need to get done, the world won't end if YOU go outside and take a break too! When is the last time you did something nice for yourself?
I think that a lot of times, Sundays are days that people are outside, attending church, at the movies, grilling, etc. Sometimes, I just have to take a break and may not go to some boards for days or weeks. Sometimes, we just need a break or change of pace. Sometimes, I need to recharge my internal batteries, so that I can' help cheer up others.
im kind of alone for the first time in my life -- kids are grown , mom / aunt gone / divorced . im actually getting quite used to it .
my ex was a passive aggressive static machine with the finesse of a bull in a china shop . it makes this peace and quite pretty enjoyable . if a door hinge squeaks i oil it . hardly ever a sound up here .
You're depressed because the crap we are living through is depressing! These boards tend to slow down on weekends. Take a deep breath and find a different way to recharge. The support here is invaluable. But it's important that we all develop alternate ways of standing tall and saying, "I will get through this day."
Hadnuff, I had noticed that, too. Maybe more writers are glued to the Presidential primaries, I know I have. My hobby had been politics, so I am not wadding into the pool for the first time. This election season has been really crazy.
My neighbors are on vacation-that brings more peace to my home, so I am grateful for that.
Hugs Nuff!
A day of rest perhaps. Rest can be gardening, visiting friends and maybe a rest from the computer screen, for some. It's raining in our neck of the woods, so we're watching movies. I took a break from "my escape" to check this out.
Hugs to you, Barbara.
Hi Barbara,

How are you doing? Hard to believe its already Groundhog's Day. I was on the boards today trying to find some comfort. Still feeling so sad about my dad's passing. Hope you are well.
I'm doing ok. My husband had a stroke in August of 2016. So things got real difficult for a while. He is better now. But not back to normal. Finally almost finished with moms estate paperwork. Can't believe it.

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