Mom died two months ago. Feeling irritable, anxiety worse.


Just want to talk to someone. Having a real hard time this week. Every little thing is getting to me.

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Yup, you get the feeling it's been dumped on you and you have to pick up the pieces. Resentment is perfectly natural. When this feeling creeps up on you, redirect yourself. Go to the ice cream parlor or walk on the beach and clear your mind. Save your energy.

7 months here. And still mired in low energy and crankiness. Not every minute of every day. But I thought I'd have found my groove by now. The chunk of my brain/heart that I allocated for "relief" was quickly overtaken by the churn of estate proceedings. I am sick to death (no pun intended!) of phone calls, answering questions, doing online research and sifting through moldy old papers. This, too, shall pass. But man-o-man. One good takeaway is: I now understand why people don't bounce back from this on a nice, neat timetable.

I lost my mom in February. I feel similar things to you. I'm having trouble sleeping for the first time in my life. I'm finding myself getting annoyed or frustrated over things that used to roll off my back. I'm scared for my own future, and the caregiving for my dad who has alzheimers is very stressful. People keep telling me it will get better, the happy memories will take over, but that has not happened for me yet. I hope it does. Just letting you know that you aren't alone.