I'm feeling alone, and needing support.

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Any out there w/ 2 babies caring for their husband's 85 year old cousin? We're all in same house. I am in need of support. I do feel we have a rare situation and that no one quite understands. Is there a support group. Can get into?


you have two babies and they should be your focus - and they will tire you out plenty without the cousin. At 85, if cousin has no funds - get application for Medicare and get cousin into a facility appropriate for the level of care needed. you need to take care of yourself, your babies, and your husband. Bless you
Listen to Kimber. I can't begin to tell you how unfair this is to your babies. YOU know that. I do think Kimber means Medicaid, not Medicare, if cousin has no funds.

Do not do this to your children. They deserve all of you.
I agree with both above. Move him to a nursing home.
Thank you guys for making me feel not so alone in that this seems impossible. He have hired on a live in caregiver, but I still work with the her 28 hrs a week and she is always in the house. Although she is a very sweet person, she gets annoyed at the kids and gets upset and I can't handle feeling unwelcome in my own home. She also stares at me constantly and critiques my parenting. It's awful. She has enough funds to not afford state services, but not enough to pay for a full time caregiver.
And she can't afford a board and care. She is diabetic and needs a nurses attention. I happen to be a nurse, so I keep a watch over her meds and health. Sigh.
My heart aches for you ! Please do everything you can to find some way to get your cousin to a facility before you wind up in one ! You and your babies need a life of your own. they grow up so quickly and you CAN NOT get that time back.! I'll be praying for you.
What is your husbands role in this? Would he care for your 85 year old cousin? I think you guys need to have a talk.
Here, here, Windyridge!

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