Does anyone ever feel guilty about "airing their dirty laundry" on this or any forum? ?

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I know we are here for specific questions/advice and support for caring for our loved ones. But with that, comes the point of ( sometimes) telling detailed information about them and even at times.. our family issues as I have.

I know this may sound strange but thinking of how my grandfather would handle things, he would never go on a forum, and would only tell a Dr information. Even if he asked for advice he would barely give any details. I do not think Im explaining myself and what I mean correctly, so im sorry if I am not making sense.

Things are just so puzzled, and not just with my grandpa, but with all my family. So I was just curious.

Hope you all are having a great day so far..


No, I don't feel guilty at all. One thing is that most people would have to do some work to figure out who I am. I doubt anyone is that interested.
Thank you for answering JessieBelle, you do make a good point.
Guilty??? H*** NO! This forum is the best thing to happen to me and Mom. It gives us the opportunity to vent out things we could NEVER say to others. We deal with ENOUGH guilt....this site is our"Guilt Toilet" we come here, dump and flush. Out of all the things we get from here, to me, that is the most important.
Perhaps a tiny twinge once in a while, which I dismiss, as I dismiss other feelings of guilt. We are here not to gossip, or bad mouth, but to get help doing our job as caregivers to the best of our ability. Women, in general,need to communicate with other women for support, information ideas... In doing so we share a lot of information, and feelings. Men, in general, tend to do as your grandfather and keep things to themselves.

Be yourself - do things your way.
Guilty, no, relieved to share the suffering and bewilderment, yes.
Me1000, I am here because I am too old to spray paint my frustrations on a boxcar or an overpass although I do enjoy seeing large colorful "tags" that say "FxxK CANCER" here and there.
Just sounds like you were in a 'closed family'... so you are only feeling what you were taught to feel.... but like everyone here.... this is my safe place.... people don't have to read me if they choose not to.... but I still need to get things out of my head and heart sometimes...... so, no, no guilt...... and you get to share also.... like some one said.... no one knows who we are.... but we are a pile of caregivers that need each other and we learn a lot from each other... hope you start to feel more comfortable.... hugs
Nope, no guilt! I am always so relieved to see others feel the same way, or have the same problems. And I also get great advice, and hope to give some from my experiences. We are all different, but in the same boat in alot of ways.. some have no money or help, some have money and help.. but our problems are all so similar....and we try to help each other in this boat no one really gets
Me1000, I thought it interesting you asked if anyone feels "guilty," not "embarrassed."

I don't feel guilt about relating family dynamics, or facts about my father's behavior, or even my own feelings, in hopes of ditching the bad, negative emotions - or - others having advice for me. I do occasionally feel something like embarrassment... then I just get over it. Being on AC and being able to open up about the things I'm experiencing as a caregiver has been a Godsend.
Ditto on above! I feel zero guilt about airing dirty laundry. I wouldn't even care if anyone knew who I was. Maybe we could swap hours in caring for our parent's ? :)))

Love the guilt toilet ..... "FLUSH"!

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