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My mom's brother and his wife came into town yesterday to visit with Mom and to care for her for a week. In just the few minutes I spent over there last night, my Uncle made statements that make me believe they think she needs to go to a nursing home and that I am doing too much. Both of my daughters and their sons have moved home (the grandbabies are 4 and 15 months) and I have a huge project at work I am working on. MIL has CHF and needs more help at home.

I know I am burned out emotionally sometimes and snap and/or cry easier than before. But putting Mom in a nursing home is not the answer. We have fantastic caregivers who allow me to work and spend time with my family. Mom has the money to pay for them.

It will be interesting next week when I take them back to the airport and get their input and feelings on how Mom is.


When I read how many family members think the CG should do more with less.. maybe you are lucky they are thinking of your well being at all! Down the road you may be glad for this. For now.. just let them know you feel OK about things...
Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to see the forest for the trees.
Oh, savinggranny, I think some of us are remembering this posting your made where you sounded very exhausted physically and emotionally. https://www.agingcare.com/Discussions/feel-like-I-am-being-punished-179265.htm

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