February 8 th I drove my mom to get a probe put in her vein and got there and they didn’t have it approved, so we drove back to her house.

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Anyway husband worked two days, one off for my birthday. On that Monday, I finally went to my own Dr. appointment an hour away and came back, took my father in law to his appointment and lunch, and as I was leaving to take him back to the nursing home my mom called and she is all amped up she needs to go to the hospital hour and a half away. So I drop off my father in law, pick up my dog, and get there. Her leg was so swollen and her ulcers got 100 % worse. I will now be here for two weeks. We have been trying to get Home health care to take care of her wounds, but the closest agency is an hour away. I have to leave Monday. I have an appointment I absolutely cannot miss and Wednesday we leave for the Bahamas. Then my father in law just moved in with one of his sons who is an idiot. My brother down here just wants money from my mom's farm. I told him what was going on and you would have died knowing how he was calling her the devil and a burden. I tried to just let him know what I am going through and he said he doesn’t have time for my problems. I just want to scream I feel so alone.


I am so sorry for your frustrations...sending hugs don't have any advise.
Going to the Bahamas is a good way to relax. Take it easy and don’t worry while you are on vacation. It is not easy to get siblings to cooperate. We are seven and only my sister and I are looking after my mom. My sister is overseas. We shall see how long she will be traveling back and forth for six-month periods. For now that is the only way we can survive. The six months are not easy.
You can ask for a social worker at the hospital to help out with finding a placement for your mother. If she has a farm, that can be sold to pay for assisted living or NH as appropriate. I think I would try to place her near FIL so you don't have to visit two separate places!
Your mom is back home again? I think I would call an ambulance to take her in to the hospital on the grounds her wounds are getting worse. Once she is there you need to make it clear that there is no one at her home to care for her and work to find an appropriate placement.
The problem with using the farm to get her care is my cooperative son said that if they take the farm to take care of her he is done yet she just met with the bank to get him 30,000 for some work he did I feel like he hates her and according to him she is a burden he has not lifted one finger to help my daddy when he was dying last year we went to radiation and physical therapy and st the end hid wife and niece made him go to the hospital he was crying so hard he wanted to die at home now with mom he blames his whole life on her it breaks my heart because all my daddy ever wanted for Christmas or birthday was a hug and time together then we found out that my brother family was doing shifts at the hospital sitting with him my brother said to me that they were doing it and basically I am not mad right I
So get her a temporary placement until you figure out a better solution. It is unfortunate that your son has been counting his chickens before they are hatched but your parents worked hard so they would have something for their old age, it is unfair to put his needs above hers. Once this crisis is over you need to make an appointment with an attorney well versed in the rules surrounding medicaid and a working farm.

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