What are your favorite made up or "borrowed" words instead of cussing?

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Or, what are calming and funny things you think of when you start getting upset at your loved one- or anyone? ( Like Ruby Gettinger does- I miss her weight loss show) Favorite indulgence food or drink to calm down?

Most of the time, I try not to cuss and have but will start saying things like "ugggh" "Grrr" ..Or I get speechless or whatever slips off my toungue" For calming things, well I haven't figured it out yet... but roll my eyes and breathe. Caffeine and fast food or butter cream icing cake for me!!!

For funny... I think " I'm going to crack up soon, be taken away and go to the middle of no where ..maybe on a farm by myself and run "free" screaming while sadly scaring off all the farm animals who turn into giant cupcakes" Ok, so also I picture myself "dressing up like a clown with a happy face, running around with great big red lips ( half the size of my face) and do that thing where you put your fingers up and down your lips and it makes that "going crazy sound" ( or airplane sound however to describe it). Ooo don't forget that old commercial for " Calgon, take me away!" I also still recite that commercial.. but it never takes me away!!!! Lol!!! Hey that commercial is still on you tube!!!

Ok, so I know there is serious threads on how to calm down or calm someone down. Im not trying to not say those are not serious or say this is helpful advice for anyone. This is just for me. I really got upset with my grandpa right now and raised my voice and made a comment after getting blasted again" Coming home I thought" that's wasn't right of me, I should of done what I usually try to do which is all I listed. Its what I do to help me be calm. I am In a mood right now, and thought" Instead of repeating my life" I will say what I do to calm down etc- yes, I really do these!!!

Plus reading what I do, its a no brainier Im over weight and have weird dreams !!! Ha oh well, at least I made myself smile and hopefully someone else out there. OO darn, now Im craving a Bacon Cheeseburger with Jalapeno Poppers and dipping sauce on the side and a Dr Pepper!! :P


This might sound weird, but I found vacuuming helped me calm down. I think it is because one is doing exercise, moving stuff around to vacuum and carrying that heavy thing up and down the stairs :)

Then I will go on the Internet to an old home town newspaper on-line to see if there is anything interesting going on, and check out the forums.
only a ball gag could stop my stream of color . i get more said with fewer words.
Good old Anglo-Saxon swearing works for me. When TSHTF I prefer letting loose with a flood of colorful obscenity to saying something lame like "oh, fiddlesticks."
Im not going to comment as im Irish and we just dont give a f what we say!! its our heritage!!
YEH Sodonewithis............... i prefer oh blimey!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR oh deary me!!! nah just dosnt cut it!!!
My Fathers favorite saying when he was mad was "Well kiss a fat mans foot!" I have no idea where he got that saying. I keep it simple and just say "Sh*t"
And all this time I thought curse words WERE the borrowed words !!!! I just let it fly.... make amends later.
FF so funny!! i love hoovering i imagine im sucking up all the people who annoy me!! some days if its bad ill hoover upstairs too!!
All of you made me smile!!! Thank you and I love everything you all said!!!! And I learned some new things and ideas.. more cleaning too :P Calories burnt!!!

Generally I don't have cute words. I just say it.

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