What are some of your favorite movies to watch and why?

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I like to watch science based disaster movies like: Dante's Peak, Volcano, Outbreak, Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow...

For some reason I like to watch movies I can find problems with and then watch them over and over. I can fall asleep to them while the world is exploding or freezing or other major problems...

What do you watch?


I like the TREMORS movies, all of them. Why? Because these are my kind of folks. Who couldn't like Burt, Val and Earl. Before my folks moved up, about once a year I used to have what I called a Tremors Day. I'd put my sleeping bag on the living room floor, stay in my pjs, fix some popcorn and watch Tremors and all the sequels back to back. What a great do nothing day! Haven't done it for years now. Probably couldn't get up off the floor now!
I love the kind of movies that stick with you for awhile and you can watch again and see something new. I love Hidalgo, Harvey, Return to Me, The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Sound of Music, On the Waterfront, Avatar, Passion of the Christ, ... there are SO many. But, as most of us I suspect, I haven't really indulged in movie watching too much anymore.
As for movies, just can't find a time slot good enough to movie watch... but if I am lucky I will watch part of a Turner Classic "Key Largo" with Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart. Such outstanding acting.

If I need something to watch to make me sleepy, I usually turn to the reruns of the comedy TV show "Frasier" as that always works :0
I am a drama buff. I like the ones that have a strong moral tone. Forrest Gump, And Justice for All, Gilbert Grape, Terms of Endearment, The Pursuit of Happyness... gosh, I like so many. They seem very different, but they all have moral theme.

When it comes to TV I am more normal. Grey's Anatomy, Blacklist, Revenge. I used to like The Good Wife until she started to run for state attorney. Then it got boring and confusing. They ruined a good show.
I love so many of the Sci fi types listed above! My favs are 13th Warrior and the expendibles series ( oh yes I drool), but for a good belly laugh give me The Great Outdoors or any John Candy movie...or The Money Pit. For a feel good cry I love Bye Bye Love...
I find it hard to watch a movie with Mom. She has trouble hearing so misses the dialog. Does not like scary, bloody, movies that have any death scenes, movies with lots of dialog or character development, or ones that have any animation....so we have a small list of the ones we can watch during our together time.

Usually I pick a nap time to watch a movie or catch up on an on demand TV show that is too rough for her (NCIS, CSI, ELEMENTARY, NCIS LA, NCISLOLA, etc) but what happens is she wakes up and joins me. Then I get the isn;t there anything else on...so I change to a show she likes and she falls asleep. but as soon as I change the channel back to "my" movie she wakes up to watch the one she wanted that is already half over...sad ...
There are movies like Dave, American President, Sabrina, etc that I can watch with her - Crocodile Dundee, etc and we have them on tape.
glasshalffull, I know what you mean. I tried to watch the TV a few times here. My mother would come in and start complaining about how bad the show was. She wouldn't let up until I would give up watching what I wanted. I don't even try to watch the TV anymore. She told me it was her TV. So I let it be hers and watch things on my computer. I subscribe to Hulu and Netflix, so get a large assortment of things. It works for me.
I like the movie "DAVE" but I always wonder how they got the other guy in the ambulance....Do you do that ...try and debunk the movie?
glasshalffull, I notice these editorial glitches, too, in movies and shows. I think we're just not supposed to notice when things don't make good sense. I find myself telling myself, "It's only a movie" and trying to ignore the problems with logistics. I guess the good thing about making a movie is you can make it go the way you want it to. For example, in a crime show you can make the DNA profile fit someone who just happened to be picked up for a misdemeanor 5 years back... and wonder why they did a DNA profile on this person. Some things push the limits of credibility, but it's just a show. :D
I like the sweeping, historical dramas such as Gone with the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, Mayerling, and others. As many times I as I watch them, there's always something I realize that I missed in earlier viewings.

Expanding from movies to series, Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge and the old Cadfael series are marvelous - there's so much historical and social drama, so much insight into classes and social change.

And of course, Top Gun, Executive Decision and all the JAG series, although they're not really movies.

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