Elderly Father's craziness is taking its toll on me.

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Every day I never know what I am going to be facing with him, especially the nights when he's delusional. But the hardest is when he becomes suspicious and accusatory, and then it doesn't matter what I say or do---I become the enemy to him. After six years of his daily craziness, I am just sick to death of it.


Does your father have dementia? Or what is his diagnosis? Is he on medications for the "craziness"? Are you his primary caregiver?

Certainly six years of dealing with your father like this would take its toll on you! If you want to talk about it in more detail feel free to vent away!
So, the evening craziness is sometimes called Sundowning. Has he been seen by a geriatric psychiatrist to see if medications might ease his agitation, depression and delusions?
The problem is that he cannot take any kind of anti-psychotic medication because it makes him even more agitated and crazy---a paradoxical effect.
So, what else has be tried? Antidepressants, antianxiety meds? Have you considered having him admitted to a senior behavioral facility ao that meds can be sorted out?
Anti-anxiety meds caused the same reaction. The VA tried to help, but to no avail.

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