My dear Father went to Heaven to be with Mom on 9/16/15 ... grief is so hard.

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I know Dad and Mom are once again together, after being apart for almost 30 years. Mom had fought cancer for 9 years and passed in 1986 at age 47.

I do feel joy for them ... and relief that Dad is whole and healthy and young in Heaven now. But the ache within me is deep and seems it will be here forever.

I got so much support here during the challenging time I was caring for my dad ... now I desperately need a different kind of support ...


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Both of my parents have passed away, and I know how difficult this time can be. Heal at your own pace, experience your grief the way you need to, not the way other people tell you to. Hugs.
I'm so sorry to hear about your father... I'm glad u had support here ...i am in the middle of having my mother in-laws battle liver and lung cancer... She has a few days or so left... It's hard... Hope ur doing OK..
My best wishes to you in this difficult time.....
I am sorry for your loss and for the loneliness your father must have felt after your mother passed. You have a good perspective on these tragic events, and hope that helps guide you in the years to come.
DG, perhaps there is a grief support group at a nearby church? Most hospice organizations also have support groups. At least they do here. It will help you to be with people that are also experiencing greif from a recent loss. I know it feels alone, but there are many others that are with you. It will help you to try to find them.

I am so sorry for your loss. Just a day at a time.
You have my sincerest sympathy. This is a difficult time. Keep reminding yourself that you father has joined the love of his life and that thought will eventually bring you peace.
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. God bless you.
Thank you all very much. It's been 2 months as of today, and it's still a struggle to realize that Dad isn't going to walk into the room anymore. He lived with us for 13 years; that is a long time to make memories, and creates a lot to miss.

Yesterday was the first birthday I've celebrated without my Dad. I took out the birthday card he gave me last year. His handwriting was just starting to reflect the effects of his illnesses, but the message inside is timeless and reading it warms my heart.

nikkistar33, I'm sorry to hear what you are going through with your mother in law. I know that vigil and the toll it takes on everyone involved. I'm sending you support. Please post back how you are doing.

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