Hi, My father ages 67, he sleeps all day and night.

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Hi, My father ages 67, he sleeps all day and night, he gets up only to clean his nose, all the time water coming from his nose, he doesn't feel much hungry or to do any activity at all, he says when ever he gets out of sleep his brain feels tight as if pressed, doesn't feel that freshness or liveliness when we wake up after sleep, when he is speaking of anything, feels excited and starts to cry. He also says he got problem with eyes and ears, not able to see and hear properly

Please help me by replying, I have no idea what is the problem.

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Is dad being treated for depression? If so, unless treatment w medication began very recently, he may be "undertreated", sleep, apathy, crying easily and fatigue are all symptoms related to depressive disorders. Discuss continuing symptoms w doctor. Many meds take 6-8 weeks to be fully beneficial, but some improvement should be apparent within a few weeks. Running nose, eye and ear symptoms may be sinus or allergy problems- this too should be discussed w his
doctor. Vision and feeling of pressing in his brain seem more concerning. Any other symptoms? Can he see his doc for a good evaluation-sounds like that is needed. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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