My Father passed away today by himself. Mom doesn't know, nurses have advised me to wait until I get there Monday...

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which I will I think it will be harder to find her assisted living as I know benefits will change.thank you all bcuz I am heartbroken now


Rosalind, I'm so sorry for your loss. I think the nurses' suggestion is a good one. It would be better for you to tell your mother in person and be there to comfort her than to tell her by phone. That's what we did when my mother died and my father was hospitalized. We told him in person rather than by phone.

Do you have specific questions on finding an AL for your mother? I checked one of your previous posts and if I understanding correctly your parents lived in Florida and you lived in another state (I don't recall which one)?
Rosalind, Garden Artist is right. The news should come in person. I am so sorry for your loss on Christmas Day. Safe travels and a long-distance hug to get you through your tough days ahead.
I spoke with elder Atty he advised I don't need poa from flat they well she is still her own person as long as she wants to come with me,my brothers seem to. Be doing nothing I believe I will have DOA set up in Ohio even though my dad always thought of me as his baby girl I am 53.... I will be the one that is her primary caregiver..…. I feel lost mom asked me to take her to see dad. I think this will make her weaker they would have been married 66 yes in Jan ....the last few years they were terribly abused by my sister I don't care if it is week day or month I want to do all. I can for her
Rosalind, I hope you or someone else close can set aside some time to be with your mother for a while. She will probably need someone to talk to about her loss. I am so sorry that you lost your father. 66 years is a long time, so I know your mother is going to feel lost. Hugs of support coming your way.
Rosalind, I am sorry for your loss. Were Mom and Dad living together? And Dad went to hospital? It will be best to tell Mom about Dad's passing when you are with her. Do you need to travel from Ohio to Miami, Florida? How to keep Mom away from Dad for two more days would be my concern. You want to move Mom closer to you? She might be more comfortable staying there with friends. Best wishes on the tasks you have before you.
Rosalind sincere condolences - this is going to be a tough task so be patient even though you too are hurting she will need you to help her through. xxx
Dear Rosalind, I'm so sorry for your loss. Travel safely and post back soon!
I am so very sorry for the loss of your father. Praying for strength for you in the coming days and weeks ahead.
I am sorry to read about the passing of your father. I hope your visit with your mother and your plans for her care work out for the best. Hugs to you and your mom...
I am sorry for your loss. It is so difficult, I was so heartbroken when my father passed. Wishing you safe travel.

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