My father in law seems to be experiencing dementia.

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Each day he get's worst. Is this normal and what can I expect in the future. One of the things he keeps forgetting is the fact he can't walk. He will get up from where he is at and not being able to walk on his own, he keeps falling. Any suggestions?


I'm not sure that forgetting he can't walk is necessarily a sign of dementia. It seems to take a lot of people a long time before that message sinks in. What other things does he forget? What are symptoms does he have that you think might be dementia?
He forgets who he has talked to during the day and he won't remember what he had for dinner. Also, he lives back in the past at times. Talks about being with his brother George who died many years ago. Called us to pick him up from the bar, which he wasn't in. He knows his birthday but not what year it is. Forgets what he has been told on a daily basis. When someone loses the ability to walk, what is going on there? Will that ever improve even with therapy?
This does sound like a serious memory loss.

When did he stop walking? Did he have an illness or injury?

My suggestion is to have him evaluated by a doctor. Does he have a primary care physician? If you need to find a doctor, look for a geriatrician.
Thanks for the input. It is a long story. He lost his wife in February and they had been married 64 years. Everyone is unsure what was going on before that, memory wise anyway. They were very private people and wanted it to be just the two of them. He probably shouldn't have been but he was walking and heaven forbid driving a bit. In June of this year he came to stay with us here in KC because he had developed Shingles and needed someone to help care for him then. Not long after that we had to put him in the hospital for pneumonia and really it's been a down hill battle from there. He now is in a nursing care facility doing therapy for the next 3 weeks. This is where he keeps taking his falls. Thanks for your input.

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