Our father has Alzheimer's and he is fighting it every step of the way. He has more energy than twin toddlers.

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He is furious about the diagnosis and thinks the doctor is "crazy". He is also furious about having the car taken away. He wants to go, go, go ALL THE TIME. He was always a "do-er", a hard worker and constantly putzing around the house/garden. We have a caregiver who drives him on his errands so he does get out but it's never enough for him. He complains bitterly that he needs to go to grocery store (even though there is plenty of food and he goes every day) or the hardware store. One day he even walked in 100 degree heat. He's on an anti-psychotic med + Celexa and he's still like the "Energizer Bunny". TV and books do not hold his attention and he gets bored w/in minutes of no activity. He has a garden, he has done all the little chores around the house that can possibly be done, he does laundry and anything else we can give him but it is never enough. Will he ever JUST calm down?

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You may want to ask the doctor about changing medications. People react differently go medications, so a medication change may help. Meanwhile, you do have your hands full! Please change doctors if the one you are seeing can't help.
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