My father calls the police whenever I leave the house - Part 2 continued

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Other than his mental state he is ok, he takes a walk everyday, makes his own meals, does yardwork. I am not going to have a caregiver come in if I am going to be gone for a very short time, that’s ridiculous. I just have to keep him from calling them and what is he going to say the next time. I am working with his doctor to get him evaluated and get him on some kind of medication. I believe that his mental state deteriorated more in just 24 hours from my being missing to my wandering off. This is very hurtful to me because I gave up my life to move in and take care of him, I do everything for him and for him to say that I have mental changes is very upsetting. I have no idea why he would say that. He has diabetes and the nurse that I talked to about the 2nd call to the cops thinks that his blood sugar is way out of whack and his diabetes might be causing it. Have no idea. Now, I can’t even go anywhere, I’m unemployed and can’t work because he’ll call the cops. If he continues to call the cops am I going to get in trouble? I told him that every-time he calls 911 it’s an offense as it’s not an emergency and you are wasting their time and money. He just makes those weird “hmm” noises and then sort of smirks. My only choice would be to take the phone receiver away while I’m gone and there is a 2nd phone and would have to take that away also. He thinks that my reactions are funny, when I tell him he is not respecting my wishes he grins. It’s like he’s trying to control me, I don’t know what he’s trying to do. I wish that G*d would just take him, I don’t see any reason that he is still alive. He is making my life hell, my sanity is at stake and I hate him. Everytime I look at him I get sick to my stomach.
Sorry I anwered your first post with out reading the 2nd portion. If I were in your shoes, I would talk to someone at your town police, sheriff or 911 dispatch center and explain your situation. They may have suggestions or a policy for this happening. You want to still be able to call 911 yourself, but you need to find a way for him to not be able to do this. You may have to disable one phone that he "thinks" is working and you may have to lock the working phone into a cabinet or locking drawer. Also, how does he react to in home help? Have you tried it yet? I would, because at some point in time you will need a day away for your own sanity.
It's ok, there's actually 3 parts - the other one is under My father calls the police whenever I leave the house - Part 2.
He's now on Quetiapine (Seroquel), 25 mg. split morning and night. I haven't gone anywhere since the last 911 call and I tested him last week after his doctor increased his dosage. I gave him the increased dose, then I said I was going for a walk, I didn't mention anything about the police as I didn't want to trigger it, then I came back into the house through the back of the house so he wouldn't see me and for 3 hours I hid and watched him, he did some yard work, he went to my room twice to see if I was there and passed the phone back and forth 6 times but he never picked it up, I was shocked but I don't know if that was a temporary improvement. I started caregiving this morning, she said he never looked for me or tried to use the phone or asked about me. He didn't say anything about her after she left and I didn't ask him about her being here, but he did seem a little different, like he was trying to figure something out. I am going to do another test on monday, that will be 1 week on the increased dose, I will leave and stay gone and hopefully, he won't call. If I am sure the medication is preventing the calling, I won't need to bring in the caregiver and I can start getting my sanity back.

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