My father is an alcoholic and always comes home drunk. I don't know what to do.

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He always comes home drunk. He doesn't even care about us seeing him, he never cared about me and my sister. Even my mom tells me that he doesn't care about how she feels. I feel like we're not even in his mind. He is always out drinking with his friends and doesn't make any time for us. If he's not at work, he's out. And I am 100% sure that he's cheating on my mom. He spends all of our money on drinks. We don't even have clothes to wear and we are living in a crappy place. My mother has depression. We are all depressed. I cry every night. Fathers are supposed to love us, care for us and give us all their time. We are his family and not like his so called friends. They are all bunch of filthy, single alcoholics and he's always there with him. I hate my life. I sometimes wish I was dead rather than seeing him drunk.


Imane, what are the ages of your parents? Of you and sister?
The most effective treatment for alcoholism is abstinence and AA meetings. Family members are told to go to Alanon meetings. Alcoholism is a family disease. It affects all of you as you have just expressed. Your first job is to quit expecting your father to change. That is a bigger problem than you or mom can tackle. You will learn all about that at the Alanon meetings. All situations feel better once positive action is taken. I'm hoping you get more answers here that will help you move forward.
You can try calling area on aging for your county to see if they can advise you of any services available. If you and your sister are minors, CPS may have help. If your mother is old enough, adult protective services might help.
But it could be the best you can do is to keep the existing roof over your heads, go to Alanon meetings to get stronger and find help for your family.
Sorry Imane to hear what your family is going through, I know its very hard. I completely agree with 97yroldmom. I have included the link for AA in hopes that it will help your family. Thinking of you.
Thank you very much , I really appreciate it
But the problem is that I'm living in Morocco ! And I don't who's going to help me in here ..
I'm 19 yard old , my sister is 14 , my mother is 44 and father is 48
I was in Morroco once. I took the ferry from Spain but I'm afraid I don't know enough about it to help. I certainly don't want to encourage you into a direction that could get you into trouble. We as women in this world have to deal with many unpleasant realities. I will tell you that it won't help to anger your father while he is drinking, regardless of your country. In the US it is very hard on alcoholic families as well. Do you go to school? Do you work outside the home? Is your sister in school? Encourage your mom. Help her with cleaning and caring for your sister. Exercise and deep breathing helps us all. I'm wishing for all the best for you, Imane.
Count your blessings so that they will multiply. Hugs.
I know, different culture, but maybe it's time for you three woman to make a plan to leave. Mom can hold down a job, you can and 14 yr old can do enough to pay for her clothes. Without Dad u can do it. You don't have to feed him or pay for his drinking.
How are you today Imane? Thinking of you.
Hi , I'm doing good but confused I don't know what to do with this problem , I talked to him yesterday , I tried to shake some sense in to him but thers no results he did came home yesterday at night drunk , and that means that he literally he doesn't care ..

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