Family members visiting when mom or dad moves in.

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My mother recently moved in with us, and my sister who has bi-polar disease among other problems, is extremely upset that we will not allow her in our home unless we are there. Now she has disowned me which would be at the cost of not visiting her mother, stupid right? My question today is, would you let a sibling with a troubled past be at your home when you are not at home? Trouble does include pretty much everything. She can visit when we are at home, but Mom rents a room from us and this does not mean that friends/family also rent here, I feel they can visit when we are at home!


It's YOUR house YOUR rules. I'm sure if your sister had not already proved to you she can not be trusted, there would be no issue. Stick to your guns!
I've posted about this during the last couple of years. When Mom moved in siblings thought we were now a 24/7 public building. It took a couple of months to realize we had to set boundaries on visiting. Stick to your guns...your house your rules. I do have a sibling I would not allow in my house unless we were home or most interior doors locked. Nosey type! Good luck!
I do wonder why my sibling would only want to come here without us here? It is almost as if she is hiding something? And/or she wants to look through our stuff. Can't save the world right?
I would not allow her to visit unless I was present. Set limits.

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