Family caregivers: did you do something for yourself today? Big or little, post it here and celebrate it!

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I was thinking about posting this morning. How we are all fighting to be able to do nice, positive, and/or future-minded things for ourselves in amongst the chaos of looking after our aging family members.

Did you get to take a walk all by yourself today? Did you find a half an hour to enjoy a cup of coffee without interruption? Did you lock the bathroom door and have a bubble bath and a face mask? Did you finally finish a good book? Did you sign up for a night class that gets you out of the house? Did you go for a swim at the local indoor pool? Are you dreaming up a new home-based business at the kitchen table?

These moments seem so hard won, I think we deserve to celebrate them! I'd love to hear from you!


I was thinking about this after yesterday afternoon, when I took some time out with one of my dearest friends and we went shopping while mom was at dialysis. I bought myself a new sketchbook and some pencils. Then we came back here and she helped me apply one of those vinyl "stained glass" clings to the glass door of the back room, which is now my new "office" (i.e.: private space). And when I say "helped," I mean she did most of the work, lol! It was lovely to spend time with my friend, and to make my work space more private (the purpose of the "stained glass"), and to have a brand new sketchbook to inspire me. I went to bed feeling positive and woke up the same way!
I had chocolate ice cream for dinner (:

I did have a little healthy something beforehand

And I spent the last hour reading things on here. I need to sleep so much but it's nice reading
I'm no longer a caregiver (my mom died in August) but DH and I got our flu shots yesterday!
Well, here I go off topic. Dorianne, are you a colored pencil artist? I met a group of CP artists when I went to the infusion center where my sister got her chemo and spent some time in the "classes", which really were a small handful of people who got together and colored.

I learned so much (whoever knew there was a brush to gently clean the drawing?). I used to work in pastels (easy but messy) and oils (a real challenge for me) but decided I like colored pencils the best. I bought the whole kit one day at Michael's - the $120 set!!

Since then I've expanded, creating a few designs from garden photos, and still find it to be one of the most relaxing pasttimes ever.

Back to the topic, I'd spend another 1/2 hour writing, so I'll save it for tonight! (What I'm going to try to work out is a holiday design for my father's living room, kitchen, porch and lampposts. I've done this in the past but never got around to actually putting up the decorations, in part b/c there's not that much space and there are fall issues. )
GA, have you thought about doing the design as a larger drawing, but not putting up things since you have fall risk? Ikea sells a wire that runs between two decorative nails and has fancy clips to hang pictures, artwork etc. I have a client who uses his to hang various projects for display and rotates them out.
I talked husband into going to see Justice League movie last night at one of the theaters with recline seats and menu. Aquaman is definitely not a dweeb any more - Jason Momoa and his bare chest. Rowr. And hubs got to smile at Wonder Woman and various amazons in leather bikinis. Do something for you today. Now I'm taking friend and her 90 year mom to grocery store this PM.....
These things are all awesome, you guys!

I have to get mom to dialysis shortly, but I'll come back and comment more a bit later when I'm freed up....

@GardenArtist, funny you should say coloured pencil! I definitely have to comment more on that! :-)
I borrowed my neighbour's ladder and cleaned my eavestroughs. This may not sound like something for me, but given that I am ladder phobic I'm feeling rather proud of myself.
@GardenArtist - I haven't done much art at all in the last 4 years - lost my stepmom to cancer, then was working 2 jobs to buy a vehicle and some music gear, then I started caregiving for my mom. But I don't think I ever stopped working with coloured pencils from when I was a kid! I just have better and more expensive ones now, lol. Some of the good quality ones (I'm thinking of Derwent and Prismacolor Artist's) have lasted me a couple of decades; they are worth the money. Have you tried blending or smearing them with mineral spirits and a q-tip yet? That is one of my favourite methods of making them more "painterly." I also like mixing media - I've done a lot of mixed pieces with coloured pencil, watercolour, and ink. I do love pastels and I don't mind the mess, but I'm not very "free," if you know what I mean. I get sucked into details and precise edges! I did try making my own (chalk) pastels once, though, to make custom colours - that was fun! Do you mean oil paint or oil pastels? I've done some pieces with oil pastels, but the paint and I don't get along well!

I actually bought only a few graphite pencils this time, because mine were all stubby! And some blending stumps. I thought I'd dip my toes back in gently. I do have my coloured pencils here though, and I got an amazing deal on a new set of 60 from Amazon - I thought mom might get interested in adult colouring books, but she didn't. (I did pick her up a little sketchbook and some pencils too, though, just in case it piques her interest....she IS the one who taught me how to draw!)
@Guestshopadmin - I can't wait to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman! Rowr, indeed!  And I ADORE Wonder Woman, have since I was about five!! I felt like I waited a hundred years for the WW movie. Saw it twice in the theatre.....took my mom the 2nd time. She read the comics as a kid, too, and literally DID wait 75 years for the movie!
@Lonelysolonely - chocolate ice cream counts as a dairy serving! In my world, lol.

@BarbBrooklyn - good for you for getting it done! I keep procrastinating.

@cwillie - working on overcoming fears totally counts!

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