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October 17 Saturday 10-2 the Area Agency on Aging in Michigan is having their annual conference for family caregivers at the Novi Suburban Showplace. Just wanted to share with anyone living in se Michigan. We go every year. So much to see. They also have caregivers there if you need to take loved one with you and they will watch they so you can enjoy the conference.


We go also. For anyone interested, wear good walking shoes; you'll be doing a lot of it. I also learned to take one of those small zippered, handled luggage carriers for all the literature and goodies (lots of free chocolate candy) and any samples I might collect.

Ramiller and Garden Artist, You all have a good time! Sounds like a large event if you need walking shoes.
SendMe, the bagels and coffee make it all worthwhile! Now, if only they'd add chocolate....
Chocolate, hereafter known as 'Caregiver Crack' My son is in Penns. and sent a text of where he was.... if knows what's good for him he better bring me some 'Caregiver Crack' or will tell him I am going to live with him when I get older... hey, what ever it takes , right !!!.
Caregiver Crack?? Oh, my! I think Caregiver Nourishment, Caregiver Essentials, Caregiver Sustenance....describe it as well!

Maybe even the Life Sustaining Food?
GA, I wouldn't touch the stuff is it was called Caregiver Essentials...nope, I want to have some fun with my chocolate... get fun so few other places.... but you can call it Nourishment, Essentials, ect.... lol..... I never promised to have a 'normal' sense of humor !!!! lol.
Just changing the direct of the post and chocolate discussion, which if others are like me are beginning to crave chocolate, senior centers in the SE Michigan area also have caregiver expos, on a much smaller and more manageable scale.

There are more local vendors, such a community college with a dental clinic that offers cleaning at much lower prices, a local college with an estate planning clinic, an ophthalmologist's office that gives out free samples of eye moistening drops, etc.

The local ones are much easier for elders to handle because they're so much smaller and generally have about 1/4 of the vendors of the larger AAA ones.

The AAA expo has enough room for vendors with displays of remodeled access bathrooms, vans with lifts, and other large scale exhibits.

The two complement each other nicely though because of the different vendors.
I apologize for putting insignificant things on this very important thread. Sorry .
Chocolate, it was said, will be given out at the expo. You are right on topic Ladee!
Anything that helps caregivers isn't insignificant. We cope the best way we can, and if chocolate helps, thanks to the cocao bean growers and the processors who bring us this delicacy! If it makes me a better caregiver, even for a little while, it's worth a consideration.

So, no apologies necessary Ladee! In fact, I think I was the one who hijacked the thread.

So, back to the conference....

Another benefit is that there are usually 3 or so law firms which sometimes hand out "coupons" for 1 hour or so free consults. Collect from each one and get 3 free hours, and if well planned as to topic, you can get a lot of free advice.

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