Families need to "hire" stay-at-home mothers and caregivers.

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I was watching a video about a stay-at-home mother who had lost parts of three of her limbs. She had worked for nine years before she and her husband decided it made more sense for her to stay at home with their children. They have 5 of them. When she lost her limbs, they filed for SS disability. She didn't qualify, because she had not worked during the last 10 years. People who choose to stay at home to care for people are put into a vulnerable position. Even if they work all day, it is like they're considered social freeloaders who don't qualify for any services in the US. A good solution would be for the family to contract the services of the care provider, be it a stay-at-home mother or a elder caregiver. That way the care provider would have SS credits for the work they are doing.

We often hear that mothers and caregivers do things out of love. Well, you can do things out of love and still be paid for them... or at least not lose your benefits in the country. This love thing has to work both ways.

The older generations are probably set in their ways of thinking women-work is done for free. Maybe the younger generations can start having contracts to make sure the mothers and caregivers don't lose their benefits. It would cause much less financial devastation if a husband dies or leaves. And caregivers could take care of the elders without potentially putting themselves into poverty. Makes sense to me.


Well said, Jessie!
I thought about this again for husbands and wives. The full SS payment would have to come from his paycheck. He could have a tax exemption for it and the wife's pay, but then they would have to file separately, which would make that more expensive. Oy. There are weeds in every pretty garden.
Here in Canada we have the Canada Pension Plan, those who are self employed have the option to pay into the plan based on their income. I've always wished I had the option to contribute to the plan at a higher level than that as I am a good saver and would rather have a higher guaranteed government pension than have to try to create my own retirement savings plans (which is what the gov't encourages). To me it means that low income people are just supposed to be satisfied living with smaller pensions than their more well off peers (I guess we are supposed to be used to poverty). If what you get out is based on what you put in why can't they you give more opportunities to contribute, whether you are a stay at home mom, a caregiver or just under employed?
SSA (& most elected officials) exist in the world of 1960's TV with all those Laura Petries, Samantha Stephens, & Lisa Douglas'.....

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