I was falsely accused of elderly abuse and it's been a week since I've seen my mom.

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The police are not filing charges...They were trying to locate a suspect in a crime and told me if I don't tell them where the suspect is they will take my mom. They scared her and she had an accident so they said I was not taking care of her. God as my witness I do the best I can to take care of her. What can I do to get her back? I need my mom and she needs me. Please help me.


Your profile states your mother is living at home. Where is she now?

Frankly, I find this threat a bit implausible, unless you're living in somewhere like AZ with Sheriff Joe who uses strong arm tactics. However, if you do have any information on the suspect police are seeking, provide it willingly to them.

I suspect though that there's a lot more to this story than has been shared.

I think the best thing you might do is cooperate with the police and/or contact Legal Aid for criminal matters and see if you can get a pro bono attorney to guide you and work this situation out.
Well they caught the suspect nowhere near where i live and if i would have known where he was i would have personally took him to the police station to turn himself in...please do not be fooled by the police ...i wish they just did their job but they are bigger criminals than the ones they are seeking...i love my Mom andvi will do anything for her anything so you have no idea wgat i am going through
Why don't you tell us more of the illegal incident? They must have suspected more than what you have mentioned. Why ever would they just TAKE your Mothe, and wherever did they take her to?
Perhaps it would help if you answered these questions for a start:
Was the suspect known to you and if yes in what capacity
What sort of accident did your mum have
What age is your mum and is she ill

You see if you are in or were in a relationship with said suspect and of course dependent on the crime or he is perhaps a family member that occasionally or frequently lives with you or visits a lot then there will be concern and until that concern is alleviated they have to take steps to protect.
So where is your mom now, and what is stopping you from going to see her there? I assume she was taken away for medical care after her accident?
Is she mentally competent to decide where she wants to be?
Is there something about your home that you aren't sharing with us that would make authorities feel it wasn't safe there, is there drugs or other criminal activity?
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Strange, I remember reading that the police bundled up her mother in an ambulance and took her away, but I can't find that in either of these 2 posts.
Companion post, same topic:


I just posted this and it disappeared into cyberspace. If a second post shows up, it's been hiding somewhere.

I also recall reading that the police took her mother someplace in an ambulance, but I can't find that post either.
Once again I must apologize. My posts have been hiding out somewhere before showing up. Several have just disappeared into thin air. I have no idea where they've hiding.
GA, it appears that the Administration has pulled the threads. When I click on the your listed companion posts, they are gone, with an error message.
Stacey, thanks for checking. Guess I'll go over to my Gardening Forum where my posts don't disappear!

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