Failures and accomplishments today.

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we need an ongoing thread to share our failures ond / or accomplishments each day. some of them could be pretty humorous.
remember in morgan county indiana we say " it aint braggin if ya done it.


ill start first. cut a nice trk load of firewood yesterday for the renter then came home and made yeast cinnamon rolls. ( cream cheese frosting )
today i got my taxes into the tax hor and visited aunt edna for a couple hours. made edna happy, good day.
might learn a little about each other and have a laugh on this thread;
the daily show and tell thread. lol
Good Idea Bob.
My failure of the day was not going out for milk before 9 am, when the snow started. Now I will have to trek though 14 inches tomorrow.

The dentist called early to cancel my appt. That made me happy.

My accomplishments were a deep cleaning of Mom's room, and cooking a great snowy night dinner of beef tips in gravy over rice, with green beans, and biscuits, with a home made cherry vanilla cheese cake for dessert.

Best news of the day......Momma had a very happy day and laughed and made me laugh more than a few times.

The funniest was when she, after half a can, mind you, looked into her beer (in a white white plastic cup) saw the foam, and yelled....WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME MILK???WE ARE LOW ON MILK!!!!

Um, Mom........and the look......took her a minute but when she got it she busted a gut.
You guys are making me hungry! Cinnamon rolls and beef tips. Cheesecake. I want to move in with you guys!
Oh, no great accomplishments or failures today. I can't really remember what I did all day long besides a little work.
My failure today was being impatient with Gene.... he is so sweet.... asked me if I was tired... bless his heart..... I felt so bad....
Went to a great cooking class. Expect to make 3 of the 4 recipes .. and unusually high appeal rate. (Watercress soup was unexpectedly nummy.)
My big accomplishment was getting up at 8:30 AM.. I usually sleep way too late and find my butt drags all day long. Dang! I'm only 62! When I get really old, I'm moving in with BoniChak if she serves BEER every day :-)
reminds me of the time mom picked up some fresh pork with which to make beans. she bought some rather premium pork rib tips then asked for bbq'd ribs first. i hooked her up. boiled em till they were falling off the bone then hit em with sauce. nothing makes a cooking buff happier than treating someone else to something nice. we dont have to brag. the forks clicking on the plates says it all..
Good thread Capt
Haven't accomplished much today except spending all morning on this site.
No that's not true I found a great site where you can download free clip art and another one for living out of your pantry. Some great frugal soup recipes and the advice that if you go to the fridge and there is no food give it a good clean and your spirits will rise when you see the results!!!!!!!! Not sure I believe that.
yesterday I made my second visit to the Podiatrist. I would have started sooner if I had realized Medicare covered it. Nothing like a bit of pampering and cheerful conversation.. Capt I don't like cinnamon could you make me some without please?
Boni no longer allowed alcohol but wish I would join you even if it is in a plastic cup although I can still be trusted with a glass.
Ladee M I am sure Gene understood, he loves you too much to be upset.
Great failures no none so far today but it is only half over.

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