Facing death.

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My mother passed away last month and i am having a hard time letting go. She is at least out of pain and suffering now. No more diabetes, parkinson's, or bedsores. Back in church again and seeking counseling. Any other ideas?


My daughter died June 8th. Focus on the happier memories and redirect yourself when sad ones pop up.
It has only been a month, so give yourself some time, 2muchpain. There is no correct way to grieve and no set timeline for feeling better. When my father died I only thought of his last day for a month or so, but then I began to remember his earlier times. I wonder now where he is. Is he floating around in a spiritual world, visiting places he had always wanted to go? Or did he go straight to heaven? He is out of my sight now, but I know he is somewhere out there on the other side of the door (or tunnel). One day we will all know.
I'm so sorry for your loss. My mom passed away about a year ago and I still miss her every day. What helps is to remember that although she is no longer out in the world where I can speak to her and see her, she is very much alive in my heart. I still speak to her, ask her advice, and bring her with me on trips I know she'd enjoy. When I feel overwhelmed with the ache of her absence, I try to remember to just live each day with love. That gives me strength. You will likely never stop missing your mom but you will find ways to keep her alive with you, honor her memory, and live in a way that celebrates her. Have you set up an altar with pictures of her, small things of hers that you cherish? That may give you a place of comfort.

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