I am exhausted and have become sick from taking care of my elderly mother.

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She fractured her hip about three weeks ago and she had surgery. I had already made plans to take a vacation before she fell. I havent told her because i feel bad leaving her so soon after her surgery but she has 24 hour nursing home care,a housekeeper and physical therapy


She'll be fine. Take your trip. You have to maintain a life besides caregiving. You can't do her much good if you are a stressed out mess.
well my mother who fell and fractured her hip 3 weeks ago is already walking up and down the steps in her house with supervision and with the approval of the doctor and physical therapist. isnt this a little too soon to be doing this? I am afraid she will fall again.
Kelly, is your mom in a nursing home, or does she have 24/7 care at home?

Were you caring for your mom full time before this most recent fall?

It sounds as though you badly need some respite. If she's being looked after 24/7, you should go. Leave instructions for how you can be reached in an emergency.
" is already walking up and down the steps in her house with supervision and with the approval of the doctor and physical therapist"

Key words: With supervision
With approval of the doctor and physical therapist.

Sounds like she is doing fine, but you have become sick and exhausted.
Please listen to Windyridge and Babalou.
Take care of yourself, and try to understand the many improvements in the care of a broken hip. However you expected this recovery to go, be happy that your Mom is doing much better than that. Go before the her treatment team is gone.

What happened last time when you took a vacation? When was that?

I just re-read your question; are you asking "isn't it too soon to be doing THIS (meaning walking up and down stairs)?

No. My mother was out of bed and bearing weight on her repaired fractured hip one day after surgery. (she was horrified; her frame of reference was that you stayed in bed for 6 weeks!).

The sooner she is up and about, the better the chance for a return to full mobility and less chance for blood clots to form. Her medical/therapy team know what they are doing. Is she in rehab? If so, it seems like this is an ideal time for you to get away!
Does your mom have dementia or is she just elderly and broke her hip?

Are arrangements for grocery shopping and bill paying while you're away made?

Do her caregivers provide transportation to doctor appointments ?

Are you gone for a few days or is this a big trip overseas ?

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