An essay to keep in mind when things get tough.

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I have a few inspirational essays and this is one I was recently given... Do not ask me to remember. Don't try to make me understand. Let me rest and know you're with me. Kiss my cheek and hold my hand. I am confused beyond your concept, I sad, and sick and lost. All I know is I need you to be with me at all cost. Do not lose your patience with me nor scold or do not curse or cry. I can't help the way I am acting. I can't be different though I try. Just remember that I need you. That the best of me is gone. Please don't fail to stand beside me Love me till my life is gone....


Grandma1954... good words to live by when caring for someone. I know I am having trouble wrapping my head around my Dad with his sundowners and those words will be helpful :)
This is so beautiful and so true. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for sharing♥
Wish I'd had that to print and keep by me from the beginning. Very good memorandum for caregivers, only remember to forgive yourself if and when you fall short. Thank you, Grandma1954.
That was very touching! I'm sending a copy to my client's daughter.
Very sweet except the be with me at all cost line. When the cost is your own health or sanity it can be too much to ask.

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