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My mother, age 83 in Sept with diagnosed dementia of the Alzheimer type, Her B/P shot up,HR slowed down, started having frequent falls, then fainting, finally while in the hospital, went into a 24 hour deep sleep which no one could arouse her from. Her CT, MRI and EEG all were negative for infarcts, or bleeds, EEG was abnormal (slow) but within range of an Alzheimers patient. Today, at the Alzheimers unit of an assisted living where Mom lives now, they could not wake her up. EMT's stated she was not responding to painful stimuli (sternal rub) and took her to the hospital. She 'woke up" there, but did not know my brother. Then she came around and seemed to know him, but was cloudy on issues (normal for her). This is the second episode of this type in a 30 day period. Has anyone had any simlar experiences with a loved one?


My father had "unresponsive episodes" last year. His episodes did not last as long as your mother's. But, like your mother, vitals were fairly normal and he did not respond to the painful stimuli. Next thing we know, he was awake and talking like normal. We were frustrated that no one was able to give us any answers. I am very anxious to see if anyone here can provide us with more info.

Oh, yes, I did ask my dad if he could hear us trying to wake him and why didn't he respond and he said he was ignoring everyone because he was tired of being asked the same rediculous questions all of the time...he was quite the comedian!!
Dad in what they call end stage dementia. Lives in AL memory care unit. Can't walk unassisted. Last week he was sleeping in a chair. Couldn't wake him to go to lunch. Call EMT's and as he's being put on the stretcher woke up. Took him to the hospital. After CT scans doc decided it was TIA and sent him back to AL. No idea what it was but hasn't happened since. 96 in October. Trying to put him in a wheelchair but afraid he won't remember to lock the wheels. I don't think he could even get out of the wheelchair, but it's their call. He's fallen 4 times with a 24 HR live in aide. Has choking problems so he's being evaluated for that now. I'm at my wits end! What actually determines end stage?
My mother in law had a stroke and bleed on the brain a month ago and seems to have periods (days) where she barely wakes to speak respond etc. She has had two episodes of complete unresponsiveness when she initially got to hospital and another about two weeks ago. She seems as if she is fading away and for several days barely speaks, opens her eyes etc then all of a sudden will be sitting up in bed and be quite alert. She did have a TIA a year ago and prior to the stroke she was struggling as blood didn't seem to be circulating properly around one of her legs causing her to be unsteady on her feet. We just don't know whether to expect her to pass or if she is likely to recover enough to go into a nursing home.
About my post on dad's unresponsive episode in AL. Sent him back from the hospital saying everything good. What actually happened was 1 week later he was admitted to the hospital (different one) with aspiration pneumonia. He went to rehab after and I decided to keep him in the long term unit there. He has severe swallowing problems but they're dealing with it. He's actually flourishing there. He's 96 and the dementia is worsening but the choking has almost stopped. My point is you can't always go by what the tests they took show. No more unresponsiveness, so far anyway. It's scary, I know.

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