Enforcement of Filial Law.

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I have recently seen several posts regarding filial law. I don't understand how this law could possibly be enforced, unless the adult children are controlling the parents money before the parent goes broke.

How can a law say the adult child has to pay for mother's care when mother blew all of her money on her shopping, gambling, or whatever addiction? How can a law say the adult child has to pay when mother and father blew all of their money enabling a nephew's drug habit.

Can grandma and grandpa spend all their money traveling the world and then the state forces their low or middle income adult children to foot the bill for their care? The adult child is not allowed to step in and tell mom how to spend her money, so how can the law make the adult child pay for her care when she winds up broke?

Can mom give all of her money to a deadbeat son and then let the state force the responsible adult sibling to pay?

For that matter if an adult child beats the odds of a dysfunctional family to become wealthy should they be required to pay for the care of the one who emotionally or physically abused them?

I can't understand how this law could possibly be enforced?

My husband and I are sacrificing a quality life in what was our empty nest to look after my difficult mother and now I hear we may be forced to pay for her care if she winds up too sick to live here? We are not taking payment for her living here beyond her 1/3 of utilities and groceries. In the meantime I am losing money due to lost work time.


Yikes-I didn't even know this law existed!! I don't get it either!!!! Can someone explain this! My dad better stop gambling .....seriously.
Egads!-I just read some articles!!! My state is one of the ones with this law!!!! This is crazy!!!!
I would Google Filial Law.
aging population presents new complications. there isnt a doubt in my mind that america will resolve these problems. innovation and problem solving are our strong points. this funny story is an example of american common sense. i have a female friend raising 4 grandkids. a while back she soundly whupped one of them then she went to work driving her semi. the kid called the cops on grandma. the cops came out and listened to his story then advised him to start listening to grandma or shed probably smack him down again. i know i strayed off topic but americans are just simply incredible at righting things that are messed up..all laws are based on common sense and when the realities change then the laws are modified accordingly..
It is an archaic law that dates back to the 1600's. 29 States still have them on their books. Pennsylvania is the first state to enforce this law in recent history. Some states even include grandparents and siblings in this law. What is even more outrageous is there is no law that makes parents responsible for their impoverished adult children, except if they are handicapped or special needs. Never seen states go after the financially stable parents of adult children on welfare for reimbursement!
capnhardass, Your post totally freaked me out until I read your profile and confirmed it was (hopefully) satire. Laws dating to the 1600's still on the books.... No need to get in a hurry changing the laws as our realities change. Another 400 years of red tape and these laws will probably be off the books!
Good point , Debralee.-about welfare. Neither should happen IMO. Adults make their own choices and should be held accountable. I totally see NHs going after the estates of the elders' -before inheritance -but not the personal monies of the elders' adult children! And- I read where even though these laws are from yesteryear they are being reinforced more and more so by the NHs. Some NHs said it is a way of making sure that indigent ( whatever that really means) elders'children get the info for Medicaid together when their parents are mentally and /or physically unable to. But, I am still confused how the law can force adult children to be responsible for their parents. It is not a matter of me not wanting to do this but a matter of it being a law. And now, seriously, I feel like I should force my Dad to let me know more about there financial matters as my husband is executer of the will-I have a feeling that will make us more culpable. There are no POAs yet or anything. Just that. But my Dad is so prideful and stubborn and will not include me in doctor visits or the such-though he sure is quick to ask for help watching my Mom. ( which I don't mind doing -just let me in all the way-ya know)

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