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Hi my daughter keeps bringing up the past and I have apologized repeatedly. I have even suggested counseling together. She calls me 99 % of the time with dramatic events, or about a fight she had with someone, crying, or mad or about her OCD issues. I told her that I was not able to listen to her issues all the time and was sick and tired of the drama because it was emotional draining me. I never said she couldn' t call me anymore! I also told her I love her but when ever I give advice she never takes it. I told her she needs to talk about her OCD to a professional counselor. She proceeded to say but you have OCD and you gave it to me through DNA and should be their for me no matter what and freak out and call me all kinds of names and says I am her Mother and have to listen to her and should be able to call with her problems all the time she threaten to call her Dad and my siblings? In the mean time I am taking care of my Mom who has Parkinson's and my stepdad who does not do domestic duties. I apologized for saying I was sick and tired to her. It was hell over the Christmas Holliday's she was texting and phoning etc...... Any suggestions? I am feeling guilty all the time do I have a right has a person to not want to solve all her problems or listen to them? I have also apologized for making mistakes has a parent in the past but does it need to be brought up constantly and her Dad is consistently feeding negative towards me because he is bitter?

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